THE TRIAL BALLOON – n. the most unforgettable concept I learned from our Public Relations class

And maybe it comes in multiple colors, too! 🙂 Joking aside, the trial balloon can be related to multiple colors  as our own opinions have.

Wikipedia.org defines trial balloon as the “information sent out to the media in order to observe the reaction of an audience”. I became interested in this idea as social psychology- particularly people’s behavior in collective- has captured my curiousness years ago.

Comments are preciously welcome here. My posts are trial balloons in their own right, made to attract your opinions and stir your emotions that are just waiting to be expressed.

  • Technically, this is going to be a portfolio of my insights on present communication issues and problems besetting organizations today. More than just a requirement in our Organizational Communication 152 (Communication Trends and Styles) class, this blog is not going to be only an aggregate of ‘serious’ topics we learn in the university but also a compilation of my other interests- music, movies, languages, food, and design- that I turn to when half of my body, including my mental well-being, is drowned to seemingly endless toxicity.

And so blogosphere, give way for me! 🙂


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