Social media, Social good, Social change

The use of social media to benefit the society is now garnering more and more attention from global leaders. Given that we are now living in a digital world, the role of webpages, profiles, tweets, or statuses  is now recognized as potential tools to unify people for a single cause.

Did anyone think of this becoming possible five years ago by the way?

Next week, September 20-22, Social Good Summit will be held. It is a convention of world leaders and experts in the fields of media, policy, and digital to discuss various problems in the world right now and how these are to be put in action through the use of social media and technology per se.

It’s pretty amazing how one blog, tweet, video, and other social media tools help the world now just by becoming bridges of communication. Advocacies that are out of the majority’s awareness now have the chance of speaking out and be heard. As well as those advocates who are pursuant of their respective organizations. If there’s one excellent reason Internet exists,  it’s because finally the world has a platform where all individuals are now equal.

What about in the Philippines?

I believe that conventions like this are badly needed to be implemented in the country. Just remember how Efren Peñaflorida and his Dynamic Teen Company owned the spotlights because of him winning CNN Hero of the Year by online votes. How many children did that recognition benefit? How many more children did his kariton classroom help?

Although the percentage of Internet penetration in the country is relatively low compared to the country’s population, social networking sites are definitely good tools for local social advocacies. Indeed, just making a viral video for a non-profit organization as a class requirement was already something.

Who knows if majority of social problems now could be addressed by social media in the near future? Platforms are changing and so are ideologies. There will definitely be a change for the greater good.

To know more about Social Good Summit, read here.

To know the event’s details, read here.


One response

  1. It’s good that more and more people are now recognizing how they can utilize new social media into promoting advocacies. Indeed, a tweet, a blog or a status has influential power.

    I’m just not sure if the Philippines is ready for a convention like this. Yes, many people are using SNS but not all those users care enough to realize how important social media is to the present day economy. On the other hand, maybe a convention like this will make people see how new social media isn’t all about online games or checking out crushes online.

    September 24, 2010 at 5:23 AM

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