No muggles allowed: www.butterbeer.com

Over a week ago, the third official trailer of the Harry Potter series final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was finally released (watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8NSQmPoyeE&feature=fvst) . And two nights ago, Dolores Umbridge topped the trending list in Twitter.  Really, Dolores Umbridge?

So I tweeted:

And my friend could not even believe what I just tweeted. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I was amazed that night to know that people all over the world were tweeting about Harry Potter the most. From those tweets, I learned that most of them were tweeted by Indonesians for the Order of the Phoenix (if I am not mistaken) was being shown in their local TV that time. Harry Potter hype is still in! And even You-Know-Who attests to this.

The Dark Lord’s tweet made my night. Dolores Umbridge, Harry’s professor in Defense Against the Dark Arts in his 5th year and replaced Albus Dumbledore as the Headmistress for quite sometime, is a character of evil in the series whom everyone in Hogwarts wants to get rid of.

But then I am thinking, what if the magical world becomes equipped with social media? Could everyone say ‘I shall not tell lies’? How would the story go?

A website not for muggles- Why not?

When Hogwarts students are taking vacation, third year students and upperclassmen are allowed to visit Hogsmeade, a village outside the wizarding school. Students enjoy themselves with butterbeer while chatting and all. Perhaps, a new social media named after this refreshment will surely capture the attention of all Hogwarts students wherever House they belong.

Butterbeer (photo credits: http://www.harrypotter.wikia.com)

Butterbeer. com (www.butterbeer.com)will be the new haven of everything students can’t talk about at school. I envision it to be like Twitter or Facebook, where students can check on the status of their friends, stalk their crushes, or develop a game where the one to be beaten is Professor Snape. Above all, passwords on accounts will require an original spell from a student or person that only he or she knows. Hmm, I wonder if this social media will look like this:

photo credits: Facebuko.com

Through this hypothetical social media in the magical world, status and relationships will surely be a lot more different than they used to be. Hermione Granger’s genius will be severely tested. Owls may be kept as pets only and not for mail anymore. Hogwarts can be friends online with those from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Student organizations can have their own websites, forums, and Butterbeer pages without the knowledge of their professors. There will be less use of broomsticks or apparitions. Maybe, even the Marauder’s Map might not be thrilling anymore. Everyone will not be even afraid to type the Dark Lord’s name in websites. Everything will never be the same.

The Impact to Hogwarts

Hogwarts, as an academic organization, should develop strategies that will build their image to be as it was amidst these changes. The moment that the administration knows about this phenomenon, it cannot be stopped- like what is happening now in the Internet. The changes on teaching methods, policies, detentions, safety measures, and others will surely be translated to reality. It should cater to their shareholders better: the students’ parents, the students, the teachers, and the whole wizarding world. It should think of new ideas that will get them catch up with the various hypes the young generation or their students submit themselves into and nail their image of being the best wizarding school in Britain or Europe.

Some of Hogwarts professors (photo credits: http://blithesea.net/)

Horcruxes and Hallows on Wiki

The highlight of the last book: Will Harry go for the horcruxes or the hallows? In the Half-blood Prince,the 6th installment,  it was revealed that Harry should destroy the remaining horcruxes to run for his life; in Deathly Hallows, he should find the hallows before Volde- oops, You-Know-Who does. How would the course of events go if Harry could search for these things on Wikipedia?

The Harry Potter series (photo credits: http://i42.tinypic.com/2462ago.jpg)

Of course, there will be no story anymore as adventurous as J.K. Rowling has written it. But then, these two things- horcruxes and hallows- remain secret as the information about them are only from people’s memories. They are the top secret topics the magical world could ever hide. It will be then a different challenge for Harry to look for these when the Internet could not supply them. Hmm, so this could spark a better plot for Harry, then- deciphering the loose ends of the new digital world and the old school wizarding one. Should You-Know-Who panic now since getting information will be a lot easier?

In Reality

But then,in reality, perhaps what made the Harry Potter series loved by million of audiences is its idiosyncrasy in itself. It presents the ‘old’ and traditional school life as an adventurous and thrill-filled that everyone of us wishes and has wished to have had experienced. At present, we can not imagine ourselves surviving a week without a single use of Internet or a single peek on our social networking site accounts. Somehow, it depicts a way of living long akin to the years long before the first appliance known in muggle world was invented- a lifestyle that we all want to experience as we submerge ourselves to the magic of the book itself.

Browse more on the wizarding world at http://harrypotter.wikia.com

3 responses

  1. Nice topic Jody!I think your ideas will really change Harry Potter and the wizarding world as we know it.

    The first thought that came to mind was, what if Harry Potter becomes Gossip Girl-ish?! Imagine reading this at butterbeer.com
    “Spotted!H and G leaving butterbeer while holding hands!”It would be fun.haha.

    It would be risky though. There’s a huge possibility that some muggle might ‘accidentally’ hack these wizards’ and witches’ websites. It might signal the end of the wizarding world or perhaps, a beginning of a revolutionary change for the muggle world?:)It would also be nice to see if these wizards and witches’ use of social media will be different from how we use it here in the ‘muggle world’:P

    July 11, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    • Haha. Maybe a more interesting website would be http://www.dailyprophetgossip.com! This might have a lot of blind items, then. 🙂

      Yes, to see wizards and witches use social media is definitely interesting. As far as I know, the setting in Sorcerer’s Stone is in 1980s, so new social media does not exist there yet. I wonder how J.K. Rowling will create twists and thrilling scenes had Hogwarts students ‘live’ in this age.

      🙂 🙂

      July 13, 2010 at 9:15 PM

  2. I enjoyed reading this Jody. Maybe because I’m also a Harry Potter fan? Oh well.

    I think the world of Hogwarts is exciting even if they don’t have social media. Why would a wizard spend lots of times staring into the monitor if he or she could use magic to amuse himself or herself? However, this kind of thinking also made me ponder on how I could do a lot more things if I wasn’t that addicted to the Internet.

    July 17, 2010 at 2:33 AM

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