‘About Me’ Continued

Join me in exploring the exciting world of communication, new social media, and organizations! Oops, this introduction is dull. Let me try again. Here goes:

It has been three years when I have first found myself confused on what major to take in college. The hardest question I ever encountered in my 4th year in high school was not about Trigonometrical Functions, a Thermodynamic law, or a case study in Economics. It was about what do I want to be in the future.

I can vividly remember this seminar of ours about choosing careers. The facilitator asked us, one by one, on what our dream job is. I actually had nothing concrete to say to him that time, but I just said, “I want to be an interpreter”. “So you must be a linguist!”, he replied.

Too bad for me, I did not qualify for a degree program directly related to languages or linguistics. But too good for me, I landed in a degree program I never realized would open countless career opportunities that I had never thought of before. This degree program I am talking about comes in the words of ‘Organizational Communication (OrCom)’. Perhaps, what you are thinking can be summarized in one word: ‘Huh?’.

I am now in my 4th year and I am proud that I do not regret taking up the course-and staying with it. Some of the blockmates I am close with in 1st year have already shifted to other courses, have been pursuing their own ‘callings’. As I write this entry and take a glimpse from the past, I am proud to be where I am now.

Block 9 (Girls) Batch 2007

I would like to summarize here my journey being an OrCom student but it seems like everything could not be put to words. I am an OrCom student- and I am making a blog for our Organizational Communication 152 class (Communication Trends and Styles).  This may include blog posts required of me to write, articles I have to analyze, comments that I need to make. But above all, all of these encapsulate my whole OrCom being.

I do not forget that I still want to be an interpreter, but being an OrCom professional is another dream I have added in my list.

Isn’t it more fun to explore a field of study when you have the heart for it?

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